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French Cuisine Get To Taste French Cuisine In Hanoi
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Get To Taste French Cuisine In Hanoi

Get To Taste French Cuisine In Hanoi

We are committed to making you taste spectacular French cuisine. French dishes are favorite among people all over the world and this made us set up this awesome French restaurant in the heart of Hanoi and make people taste the authentic French cuisines.

You can find a lot of French restaurants everywhere. Our specialty is that we have got a team of the chef who is masters in mixing the ingredients to give you the excellent classic taste in all the dishes. This is the reason for us to be famous in providing French cuisine in Hanoi in its finest taste. Traditional French dishes have a unique flavor. To recreate the same flavor is the skill of a chef and our chefs are masters in this artistry.

Get To Taste French Cuisine In Hanoi
Go Through The Innovative Dishes In Our French Cuisine Menu

Our French cuisine menu entangles all the delicious French cuisines in one place. You can find all the traditional as well as classy dishes. All the hardy soups and a huge variety of desserts are also present in our la carte. You will also get to know about some innovative dishes with original French ingredients mixed up with Vietnamese ingredients. Believe us, that gives them a heavenly taste. Different varieties of soups are there to confuse you. Confuse you thinking which one to select. You can decide your favorites by sipping the special wines in our cellar. A list of out of the world collection of desserts is also waiting for your pick.

Get The Most Popular French Cuisine Appetizers On Your Plate

All the mouthwatering French cuisine appetizers are there on our menu and you can select your favorite ones. Biting the best taste of appetizers can increase your craving for the main course. We make sure this happens in all the appetizers we serve. You can find the best mousse de saumon canapes in the world get cooking in our kitchen. We provide you a wide variety of canapes. Meat, fish as well as fruit canapes are popular. All our sea foodstuffs are very tempting. We serve the best Socca. There is a high demand for vegetable kinds of stuff too.

Get The World’s Best French Cuisine Desserts Here

Desserts have become an inevitable item after an excellent meal. We play this part very well. All varieties of Mendiants, Profiteroles, tarts, floating islands, and soufflé are available on our menu. A wide variety of popular desserts, as well as some innovative additions, are also available in the menu. This is the heaven where you get all delicious and yummy French cuisine desserts. A meal will not be complete without a dessert and we are cautious in serving them to make your dining experience complete satisfaction in it best. We use fresh cheese and butter in all our delicacies. Freshly prepared caramel is used to caramelize the custards. Even passing an eye through the menu itself will fill your mouth with water much enough for a ship to sail.

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