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French Cuisine French Cuisine – A Bit Different From Your American Cooking

French Cuisine – A Bit Different From Your American Cooking

French Cuisine – A Bit Different From Your American Cooking

The vast majority of people will tell you that the best foods come from France, but there are certainly dishes in French Cuisine that would be comparable to foods you find in the US.

The famous French Onion Soup or Roquefort in particular is among the most famous and well-liked soups in the world.

With the growing interest in the food of France, you can now find these dishes being prepared in restaurants across the country.

Those who wish to try one of the more famous dishes of French Cuisine should prepare for some long nights of cooking. This is a dish that is extremely easy to prepare,

Also a good dish to serve family and friends and can really change the mood and atmosphere of a party, as well as cook in the home kitchen.

The traditional vegetables

Very easy to make and requires just a few ingredients that are cheap and available all year round.

The traditional vegetables and meats used are onion, bacon, garlic, sausages, chives, cabbage, and potatoes.

Some people like to use vegetables from the Chinese culture, but the majority of recipes incorporate either the French variety or an appropriate substitute. 

French Cuisine - A Bit Different From Your American Cooking

The traditional preparation of French Onion Soup involves just onions and a little bit of stock, which is traditionally served with bread or biscuits,

is thickened by adding cream and being covered with butter. Your soup after adding the butter, it does change the flavor.

Sometimes the milk used to thicken the soup may contain eggs, it should still be thickened only adding the stock.

Seasoning the meat and onions should be done with salt and pepper to taste, along with some extra virgin olive oil.

The stock should be made up of chicken or beef bones, cream, chicken stock, and water. This is all the preparation necessary to create a wonderful hot meal that will wow your guests.

Different cooking country

American Cooking has a very different flavor and attitude from that of the French. American cuisine can be very simple or highly complex.

The food of France tends to be somewhat savory and rich, and can be quite hearty with meats and vegetables, for those looking for something lighter, perhaps a light risotto.

French Cooking is the way to go.

These dishes have a very rich history. The Chinese cooking of today is a direct descendent of the recipes, that have been used by the early Chinese for thousands of years.

Vegetables and meat have been used together for hundreds of years.

The traditional uses of fruits and vegetables are part of French Cuisine. The fruit flavors have been the predominant flavor in cooking, throughout the course of the history of cooking.

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